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    For the Team/Club Member

    Your Team/Club Manager will provide you with a link and a password for your team collection and the timeframe that the ordering window is open.

    PLEASE NOTE: The Minimum Quantity Order (MQO) will apply when ordering from the portal, the order will only be triggered when the MQO has been achieved, this includes all members of the team. We recommend encouraging as many of your team to action their orders as quickly as possible to avoid any delays in commencing the production process. 

    1. Click on the link given to you by your club manager and enter the password or simply go to the TEAM PORTAL tab in the main menu and scroll down until you find your team - enter you password - and away you go.
    2. Your team/club design will appear and the products that are available to purchase.
    3. Correct sizing is essentialDownload our sizing chart or arrange for us to send you a sample.
    4. Then proceed to select the products you want and then add them to the cart.
    5. PLEASE NOTE: Most Vermarc products are gender specific so if there's an option on that specific item please select it - If there is no gender option it is a unisex product.
    6. At this point you can leave the portal if you wish to see if there’s some other clothing on our site you may wish to add to your order.
    7. Once you have selected all of your kit, go to the shopping cart and complete the purchase.
    8. Once all orders have been placed by the team/club, the kit will go into production.
    9. Your order will be delivered to the team/club and your team/club manager will inform you when it is ready for collection.
    10. If you forget an item, you can go back in and purchase separately, while the ordering window is still open.